Introducing our brand-new website

Well, it's finally here—our brand new website.  After more than a year of false starts, technical hurdles, staffing changes, and a general lack of time due to our workload, we've finally got this thing in pretty-much-ready-for-public-viewing status. It's taken a tremendous amount of work, but we're pretty proud of the results.  Gone is the WYSIWYG [...]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress and the TrademarkIt website. This is our first post. More to come!

A quick note about Lorem Ipsum

While we are working on transfering over our past blog posts and writing new ones for the new site, you're going to see a few "placeholder" blog posts on here, which we're using to test layout and appearance. These posts have some unintelligible text that looks a bit like Latin. That's called "Lorem Ipsum." Lorem [...]